17 April 2014

I have a post about "stay-cations" and the sort of long weekends I'd to have in my drafts. Gotta stay posting and interested/ing and mildly funny, right? But as I stated on the FB page earlier, I will not be publishing that post because it's really bullshit and I don't want to be that sort of person. Not intentionally. So instead I've opted to contribute to the foot fetish part of the internet. 

 That's my scar from grade 12 (16 was a terrible year and this is the only good thing to come out of it.) The dead hands come with the package

This has been quite (unsatisfactory, shitty, uuuugh) odd week. I'm really just tired of thinking and keeping shit together and being told to be patient. I'm the one telling myself to be patient. Life has always seemed to be in the way of me being. I've made an effort, though, this year so far not not be about that getting held back life I'm better than that.

Blurry love.

I bought this dress a few weeks ago at shop in town. I though it was quite perfect for the coming season -- who am I kidding, winter is fucking here. It's got long sleeves and the material is leaning on wooliness. Amen. I had a bit of trouble the first time I wore it because I wasn't about to slap my usual tights on my thighs (team vez' ithanga represent!) but the undergarment I wore for chub rub kept playing peekaboo. It's just as well that it's cold now and I can wear it with tights and keep my legs warm and the burn away.

Today I'd styled it with black, heel hook tights (throwback) a black and white bead necklace, converse tekkies and a denim jacket, most of which I took off as soon as entering my door. Don't worry about me, I've got some ugly men's socks on now as I type this so it's all good. Sort of.

I've been thinking about clothes a bit lately. If you are a fat girl and you like non-fugly clothes the check out Jet Stores' winter collection. There are a few gems there. Sharrout. This dress is going to feature a lot on my body this winter.

I've been listening to this cover like religion since first hearing it yesterday. This is just my attitude and yeah. I love these boys. All of them. "African girl speaks in English accent and likes to fuck boys in bands." The English accent is my fav pretend accent. Frank is talking about me. Back to this cover. All the yases.

The second batch of photos were taken first without any flash. I'm not explaining myself I'm just saying.

Gross "stay-cation" posts discarded I think I'll go thrifting on Saturday and maybe try to catch a local film and organise a joint. I would like to be in a hotel room I wasn't paying for and kissing a boy for extended periods but that's out of the question. So warreva.

my squinting mug. Human tripods have you chatting.

These, folks, are my vibes. You now know what goes on in this head - yay! you.

This is a poem I wrote in what feel like an age ago.

These were taken with the assistance of a lovely, and very short girl. Human tripods for president.
- Nomali

15 April 2014

I hope I'm not sounding too desperate, I need love and affection

I'm a  tightsize 8, gift me here.
I dunno what's gotten into me but I'm sort of in love with this shoe. One, it checks the "will it make me eight feet tall?" box two, It's a lovely colour. Oh so pretty. Three, it looks sturdy and sturdy is probably what someone who has never worn heels, such as myself, needs. I'm still battling my miraculous foot injury and sort of hoping it goes away all by itself. It's miraculous because I have no fucking idea where it came from. As I'm planning for this to be a winter of darkness and cool socks this shoe would fit right in. Right in, I say.

Titile: Rihanna Loveeeeeee Song ft Future.

10 April 2014

7 things | Winter h u n g e r

1. The Camel Coat.
camel collage
Kim, Fran & Sade

I do reckon I'd be absolutely useless at wearing  a coat but I really do enjoy the camel coat. Look at how flawlessly my favs wear it? Maybe one day I'll be impeccably stylish and a coat person. Kodwa until then, I'll crave it from a distance. Like an internet crush.

2. An animal print faux coat.

It was sometime in February during one of my famously boring Saturdays that I was watching TV and the 101 Dalmatians film came on. I LOVE the Cruella de Vil theme song so much! I even tweeted that I want to walk down the street to the song while wearing my thrifted future leopard print faux fur jacket. I also kind of want everyone to say "it's that devil woman" when I show up. I want cropped to my waist.

3. Dyed Hair

These are not the colours but yay CarefreeBlackGirls.1 & 2
The only reason I regret cutting the most recent incarnation of my hair is that I can't have cotton candy fluff for hair now. I am in love with white // light grey hair of late. You know the same kind that ogogo bangakini have? Yeah. When I was eight and under my friend Afrika and I used to spend hours (until we managed to sneak away) de-dandruff-ing her grandmother's her. Now that I think back it was great hair, gorgeous. Except for the dandruff bit.  It's a sort of blessing that I cut my hair because I just dream about the colour instead on burning my poor scalp to achieve it? I WANT it! I'm actually crying a bit looking at this photoset. No afros but the colours are exquisite. Yeah, I said exquisite.

4. Combat Boots

You may remember from this post that my latest Mr Price Wishlist consists of a lot of boots. Those other ones are cute but combat boots are really what I want. I've wanted them since watching 10 Things I Hate About You for the first time when I was like 12 or 13. It seems I haven't been dressing like myself for a LONG ass time. I saw nice affordable ones from Edgars' Kelso. I'm also going to China Town with my sister this Saturday so maybe I'll fulfil this hunger soon-ish.

5. PaRih

shoddy screenshots source

Most of these things aren't even my sort of wave but I really want this. I don't know if it's a clothes thing or if it's the lushness and wealth of it all. Once again, a nod to CareFreeBlackGirls. Rihanna's fucks field is barren. Especially for things that do not include being fabulous and just hitting sixes on this thing called life. Yessss, mama. I want that for me too. And everyone else.  Also, that red coat would make a great Cruella coat for me - refer to number 2. 

6. Plans

I've started writing a 101 by 1001 list to give myself something to look forward to // to do in the darkness of winter and beyond. I have about 35 items down but have not written anything new in days. 

7. A Onesie

Because duh.


It has taken me daaaaaaaaaays to piece this post together because I don't have a computer but it's been nice, you know, taking my time. Even though it wasn't technically my time but circumstance. Boo meh.